Edit and convert existing video files and DVD’s to DICOM

“Our videos are converted to DICOM and stored to PACS in minutes. Vertex is amazing“.


Manager, Endoscopy

Improve patient care by editing, sizing, and DICOMizing videos for archiving in PACS and VNA.


Use Vertex Video to create video snippets and single-frame images from DVD DISCs and video files. Convert it all to DICOM for PACS and VNA storage.

Process Stored DVDs

Empty the DVD cabinets. Size, edit, and convert the content for archiving in PACS and VNA.

Convert and Store Video Files

Use Vertex to edit and convert popular video formats (3GP, ASF, WMV, AVI, MPEG, VOB, DVD) to DICOM.

Flexible Formatting

Store converted videos in DICOM format, compatible with your PACS/VNA (multi-frame and/or MPEG4).

Appropriately Sized Video

To minimize storage requirements Vertex Video software allows you to configure frame rate, transfer syntax, color space conversion, and auto split.

Video Processing Profiles

To improve efficiency and minimize errors, multiple profiles are preconfigured for processing videos and various workflows.

Consistent DICOMization

Configure department information, and create pre-defined study and series descriptions, ensuring data integrity when creating new studies.

HIS Friendly

Add procedure codes to pre-defined study descriptions to ensure proper billing and reimbursement.

Client Access Control

For security and regulatory purposes, individual users, groups, or workstations can be configured to have access to incoming devices and destinations.