The Most Powerful Tool for Importing Outside Exams and Data

“Front desk personnel simply use Vertex to import studies on a CD/DVD – never worrying about DICOM or proprietary formats.”


Senior PACS Administrator

Vertex Import improves patient care by significantly reducing the need for re-imaging or requesting a re-send.

Versatile, intuitive, and easy-to-use; incoming DICOM and proprietary* data can be seamlessly viewed, reconciled, and imported into PACS. Enable a Vertex Scan license to manage paper, film, visible light, video, and digital documents.

Import from Any device

Import directly from CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB, hard drive, network drive, permanent, and temporary archives. Streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for multiple applications.

View Incoming Studies

DICOM and proprietary* studies on local devices (removable media, hard drive, Vertex Cache) can be viewed to ensure importing of proper data.

* Contact us to see what formats are supported.

Select Relevant Data

Choose only the studies and series you wish to import. Eliminate the need to import non-essential studies – saving time, storage space, and reducing liability.

Import with Confidence

Sometimes datasets are missing and/or contain poorly formatted DICOM tags. Vertex’s intelligent DICOM Import tools visually notify you of missing required tags and reasonably auto corrects poorly formatted data in non-essential tags.

Proprietary Data Support

Totally transparent to the user, proprietary* studies can be viewed, reconciled, and imported into PACS – Increasing operational efficiency, eliminating re-send requests, and avoiding re-scans, – improving patient care.

* Contact us to see what formats are supported.

Reconcile Flexibly

Ensure data integrity by using modality worklist, PACS query, and manual entry methods to reconcile patient and study demographics as well as correcting inaccurate DICOM tag data. Datasets can also be anonymized for research purposes.

Manage Encrypted Data

By simply typing in the password, Vertex allows you to seamlessly import DICOM and FIPS 140-2 conformant studies.

Unlimited Client License

Any number of authorized users, groups, or workstations can utilize Vertex Import without running into licensing limitations or extra fees.

Client Access Control

For security and regulatory purposes, individual users, groups, or workstations can be configured to have access to incoming devices and destinations.