Automated DICOM CD Production
and Importing Software

Enhance your facility’s efficiency with Vertex’s cost-effective and versatile array
of DICOM CD Burner hardware systems for any production level and budget.

What Our Clients Say

“We have not requested a CD re-send from a facility in months.”


Medical Records

“We just send the studies to Vertex, it automatically burns them on CDs/DVDs for the patient, and sends them to the cloud for the referring physician.”


Radiology Director

“I just query the PACS, and drag-and-drop the study on top of the burner icon and watch Vertex do the rest.”


File Room

Vertex CD is the latest automated DICOM CD
software technologies


IT pioneered by Sorna to simplify enterprise imaging. The Vertex family of recording systems targets every production level and budget. Select from a large array of affordable inkjet or thermal CD / DVD burning solutions to meet the needs of each department within your healthcare facility.

Easy to Learn and Use

With a single screen and drag-and-drop functionality, Vertex significantly simplifies the user experience and accelerates operator training.

Import DICOM and Proprietary DISCs

Transparently import poorly formatted and proprietary DISCs into your PACS- eliminating the need to re-scan a patient or request another DISC.

Attended Workflow

Operators can complete multiple tasks simultaneously for maximum production.

Unattended Workflow

Customizable data profiles-automatically share studies with multiple destinations.


Four Methods Secure DICOM and FIPS 140-2 conformance.

Installation-Free Client Deployment

Click-once deployment technology minimizes IT requirements and streamlines the workstation installation and maintenance process.

PACS Integration and Support

Developed to easily connect with your PACS in minutes, reducing installation cost.

Virtually Limitless Data Profiles

Vertex handles numerous jobs concurrently, substantially reducing production time and enhancing efficiency.

Integration with Existing Hardware

Maximize your current hardware investment through a seamless integration with all industry-leading auto loaders.

DISC-Embedded Viewing

Developed in-house, our intelligent and easy-to-use embedded viewing software improves your referring physician and patient experience.

One-Click De-Identification

Quickly and easily create teaching files and/or research projects.

Transaction Tracking

Track all transactions for HIPAA compliance.

Vertex CD Burners System Package

All Vertex CD systems consists of:

  • Vertex Server and Client software licenses for one DICOM CD burner and DICOM Import of medical images in standard and proprietary formats from CD, USB, and drives.
  • User Query & Build, Automated DICOM processing, and popular PACS interfaces are also provided.
  • Produced CDs include a DICOM Viewer for PCs, a DICOM viewer for Mac users, and an installable free DICOM viewer to view all medical CDs.

System package includes:

  • First year Advanced Exchange maintenance
  • A customized-for-user PC with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all cabling
  • 200 CDs/DVDs with holders and ink cartridge

DICOM CD Burners That Meet Your Needs

SE 3 DICOM CD Burner

Low-cost, efficient, reliable DICOM CD burner system with custom disc labeling.
Daily Production:
Printing Technology:
Input Capacity
Output Capacity:

15ei DICOM CD Burner

Affordable, high-capacity, and efficient DICOM CD burner at a compact size.

Daily Production:
Printing Technology:
Input Capacity
Output Capacity:

25ei DICOM CD Burner

High-performance and, high-capacity DICOM CD burner on a moderate budget with a pullout output bin.
Daily Production:
Printing Technology:
Input Capacity
Output Capacity:

24t DICOM CD Burner

Compact and high-performance, best priced thermal printing DICOM CD burner.
Daily Production:
Printing Technology:
Input Capacity
Output Capacity:

25te DICOM CD Burner

Reliable, high-volume system for DISC production with performance thermal printing

Daily Production:
Printing Technology:
Input Capacity
Output Capacity: