Simple, Robust, and Intelligent Routing of DICOM Studies

“It only takes seconds to update the Vertex client for all users, saving us lots of time.”


IT Director

Vertex Route lets you manage your automated workflows faster and easier with its simple and intelligent routing functions.


Save time, money, and comply with HIPAA regulations. Customize your workflow utilizing Route’s intelligent configurable rules sending to a multitude of destinations.

Robust Routing Capabilities

Define simple or sophisticated rules incorporating DICOM tags and/or date/time schedules.

Send Studies to Any Destination

Automatically route DICOM studies, based on the configured rules, to any combination of destinations, such as CD, USB, SHARE, SDS, PACS, Archive, VNA, etc.

Create Custom Rules

Using AND, OR, and NOT Boolean operators create custom rules for routing data to its desired device and/or its destination.

Encrypt the Studies

Encrypt the data to comply with DICOM and FIPS 140-2 requirements. The required password can be generated by three different methods, depending on preferred workflow (pre-set, DICOM tag, random).

Auto De-Identification

Automatically de-identify the DICOM dataset being routed.  Tags (both standard and private) are selected in the configuration files and can be populated with default values.

Track All Activity

Track all routing transactions in the Vertex Host database for HIPAA compliance. Custom reports can be generated by institutions for periodic reporting.

Workflow Simplifications

Minimize operator responsibility and reduce human errors with predefined routing rules.