Store to Recordable, Removable, Local, and Network Drives

“Vertex runs on my Windows Surface tablet – I do everything with the tip of my finger.”


Radiology Technician

Budget Friendly and Easy To Use Software  For exporting studies to local and removable drives. Add a viewer and choose to encrypt the data protecting patient PHI.

With its ability to copy to removable media as well as local and network drives, Export is best used for small imaging centers, or as a backup to an automated CD burner or USB Production system. It can also be utilized to anonymize data for teaching purposes. Add Vertex SHARE to enable cloud brokered image sharing.

Create Standards-Compliant DISCs

Utilizing Vertex’s intuitive interface, users are able to burn studies to local CD-R, DVD-R, and BD-R drives – fully conformant to DICOM and IHE standards.

Export Studies to Removable Media

DICOM studies can be copied to USB and other removable media for distribution to patients, healthcare facilities, and referring physicians.

Copy Studies to Drives

Share studies directly with authorized professionals within your facility using local and network drives.

Embedded Viewer

Developed in-house, our intelligent and easy-to-use embedded viewing software improves your referring physician and patient experience.

PHI Security

Encrypt the data to comply with DICOM and FIPS 140-2 requirements. The required password can be generated by four different methods, depending on preferred workflow (on-demand, pre-set, DICOM tag, random).

One-Click De-Identification

Anonymize studies to quickly and easily create teaching files and research projects.

Track All Activity

Data exported from Vertex is tracked within its database for HIPAA compliance.

Unlimited Client License

Any number of authorized users, groups, or workstations can utilize Vertex Export without running into licensing limitations or extra fees.

Client Access Control

For security and regulatory purposes, individual users, groups, or workstations can be configured to have access to incoming devices and export destinations.