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Effortlessly Distribute Medical Data with Vertex

More than ever, healthcare institutions are required to distribute medical data to a multitude of recipients, such as patients, legal representatives, research facilities, and other healthcare institutions. Medical professionals often must use a range of delivery methods, from printed paper and PDF to DISCs, VPN, and cloud-based solutions. The need to train, support, and utilize multiple products to meet these data distribution requirements can pose a time-consuming and costly challenge to healthcare institutions. The answer to these challenges is Vertex. Vertex provides an affordable, single application that enables medical professionals to share data from a variety of sources to nearly any custom-configured destination using industry-standard and proprietary means. Vertex simplifies and facilitates the sharing of data, regardless of the receiver or delivery method.

Send Data to Any of these Destinations

  • DICOM CD Burners

    Burn studies to CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray DISC through Vertex’s support of the industry’s largest selection of autoloaders. Vertex embeds Sorna’s intelligent, easy-to-use viewer on all DISCs automatically. Your existing hardware investment is protected when you switch to Vertex as your software of choice.

  • Secure DICOM Share

    Directly and securely share studies with other healthcare facilities using Vertex’s SDS functionality, which conforms to the DICOM TLS industry standard.

  • The Cloud

    Distribute medical data to other healthcare facilities through Vertex’s connection with leading suppliers of cloud-sharing solutions.

  • Vertex Local Store

    Receive studies and respond to queries from any networked DICOM device, and store edited studies from any source that can be accessed for future reference and sharing.

  • PACS / VNA

    Send studies to any DICOM-conformant archive from within Vertex.