Our Team

Skilled Professionals Devoted to Customer Success

Sorna’s talented staff has over 100 years of combined experience selling, developing, and supporting medical study sharing and management solutions to the healthcare industry. All of Sorna’s departments are located in-house, guaranteeing the highest quality of customer service. Our highly skilled development team, in conjunction with our luminary facilities, delivers groundbreaking software that meets the ever-expanding workflow needs of healthcare facilities. Our proficient sales team works closely with potential and current customers, channel partners, and OEMs, ensuring end users receive the most suitable products to meet their needs and budget requirements. Our knowledgeable support team is available to assist with all of the technical needs of our customer sites, from installation to maintenance of hardware and software. In addition to managing internal tasks, our organized administrative team fulfills supplies orders and assists the support team in guaranteeing customer operations run smoothly.

  • Behnaz S.


  • Cyrus S.

    Executive Vice President

  • Karen D.

    Vice President, Sales

  • Dion B.

    Chief Software Engineer

  • Ian B.

    Account Executive

  • Brian S.

    Lead Technical Support Engineer

  • Jeff G.

    Technical Support Engineer

  • Cynthia C.

    Office Manager

  • Shari M.

    Office Assistant