Our History

Pioneers of Digital Medical Information Sharing since 1999

For over eighteen years, Sorna has developed groundbreaking solutions that simplify the distribution and management of medical studies for healthcare professionals. Since its founding in 1999, Sorna has offered an evolving suite of software and DICOM CD burner systems that have improved the medical information sharing workflows of thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide. History has proven Sorna’s commitment to delivering industry-leading, first-of-its-kind products that support our motto:

Harmony. Innovation. Simplicity.

October 1999: Sorna Corporation was founded and began pioneering the concept of distributing DICOM compliant CDs with addition of DICOM viewer to replace costly printing and management of film.

January 2000: Sorna debuted the FilmX™ DICOM CD burner, identified as the first networked system available in North America. Just three months later, FilmX CD burners were being used in hospital radiology departments nationwide. Starting with its first 100% DICOM conformant CD burner, Sorna set the industry standard for DISC production.

September 2002: M.A.S. Medical Limited, a specialized Diagnostic Imaging Company offering a total solution to image management in the UK, has joined the Sorna international reseller family.

December 2003: Sorna partners with Medilink Australia who offers a range of innovative neuro stimulation and modulation devices as well as medical imaging hardware, software and consumables to the healthcare market within Australia.

January 2005: Sorna released eXpedo™, its next generation of DISC publishing systems. eXpedo’s intelligent software with customizable DISCflow™ profiles was integrated into the largest selection of CD / DVD recorders, and offered options to meet the budgets and production requirements of small to high volume users.

November 2006: Sorna released the Reviewer™ software suite, providing medical professionals a hassle-free tool for viewing and importing external studies from portable media into a PACS or digital archive. Reviewer was designed to automate and expedite the process of importing patient data and diagnostic studies from any DICOM source.

July 2008: Offered free of charge, Reviewer CD was released based on Sorna’s philosophy that to improve patient care, healthcare professionals deserved a well-designed DICOM viewer to have a consistent viewing platform for their incoming CDs / DVDs.

October 2010: Sorna is excited to bring its enterprise imaging solutions into the Philippines utilizing our new partnership with Medeqal Limited.

June 2011: The first of Sorna’s patents was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its pioneering efforts with medical data recording. Sorna has since had several patents issued and has additional patents pending.

June 2012: Continuing its philosophy of improved patient care, Sorna added the Plus+ feature to the Reviewer suite, further enhancing capabilities for viewing and importing proprietary CDs and eliminating the need for healthcare professionals to re-image patients or submit secondary requests for DICOM conformant CDs.

February 2014: Diagnos Medical of Columbia joins the Sorna dealer network to offer Vertex into the healthcare facilities throughout Central and South America.

May 2014: Sorna added Plus+ to Reviewer CD, free of charge. Now all healthcare professionals can view the content of EVERY CD they receive using the same intuitive viewer.

November 2014: Sorna released its latest software innovation, Vertex®, the ultimate gateway for data sharing. Vertex combines all the best features of disparate medical imaging applications into one IT-friendly software that integrates seamlessly with existing DISC production hardware and cloud-sharing solutions. Utilizing Vertex’s simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality, users can share data from any source to any destination with a single application.

May 2015: We’re Moving!  Well, not all of us. Our executive headquarters will be fully operational September, 2015 in beautiful Southern, CA. While the executives are enjoying the CA sun, operations will continue to run out of Eagan, MN. But hey, at least we are guaranteed access to every televised Vikings game.

August 2016: Puerto Rico based Answer Medical, is the latest international reseller to join the Sorna network offering its industry leading Vertex software.

September 2016: Sorna awarded certificate of registration with ISO 13485:2003 and operates a Quality Management System within BSI standard of operation for Design, Manufacture, and Distribution of the Sorna Software Systems.

September 2016: Our client list is expanding! Bienvenido! We welcome Answer Medical Solutions as our first client in Puerto Rico!

July 2018: Sorna is expanding its enterprise imaging solution providers by partnering with Medika Imaging Inc. A company dedicated to providing innovative, high technology products, equipment and clinical application software to healthcare institutions in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Caribbean area islands and Latin America.

August 2018: Sorna successfully transitioned from ISO 13485:2003 to ISO 13485:2016 further demonstrating excellence in quality standards and commitment to our customers.