About Us

Sharing and Management of Medical Studies Simplified

Sorna Corporation is a Minnesota-based company that makes the sharing and management of digital medical information easier and more convenient for healthcare professionals.

What drives us?

  • Ensuring digital images and videos are portable and accessible at every point of care
  • Minimizing the complexities associated with capturing, managing, sharing and storing digital images and videos
  • Empowering patients with secure, electronic access to their digital imaging records
  • Ensuring our customers are prepared to manage emerging image data formats and workflows

Since 1999 we’ve lead the way in designing and manufacturing industry-leading products for digital medical information sharing that both reduce the cost of healthcare and enhance the productivity of medical professionals. Our experienced agile software development team, located in-house, is committed to meeting the complex workflow requirements of today’s dynamic healthcare facilities. We strive to develop solutions that set the standard for performance, and fully adhere to global integration and standardization initiatives (DICOM, HL-7, and IHE). We believe in creating a partnership and dialogue with our customers and responding quickly to their evolving needs so that together, we can make continuous improvements in healthcare.

Sorna Quality Policy

Sorna Corporation is committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations of our products and services. Maintaining an effective quality management system that adheres to worldwide standards and regulatory requirements supports our commitment to our customers.