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Receive and Process Medical Data Faster than Ever with Vertex

Today’s modern radiology, cardiology, oncology, endoscopy, surgery, and dermatology departments find it challenging to manage the wide array of patient data they generate and receive on a daily basis. They often must use several software products to complete tasks associated with patient data. Vertex enables medical professionals to efficiently access various file types within a single application. Medical data in a variety of formats – DICOM, HL7, image files, video files, office documents, paper documents, and film – can easily be integrated, edited, normalized, and shared to any destination. Vertex combines the best features of disparate medical data management products into one user-friendly software.

Take Data from Any of these Sources

  • PACS / VNA

    Query / retrieve, and / or receive studies from any DICOM-conformant archive for processing within Vertex.

  • Paper Scanners

    Connect any TWAIN-conformant device, local or networked, to the Vertex workstation. Quickly scan documents using pre-configured Scan Profiles and edit with one click.

  • DICOM and Proprietary DISCs

    Import any CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray DISC containing DICOM data, as well as proprietary DISCs, into your PACS. The Vertex client can import multiple DISCs simultaneously.

  • Non-DICOM Videos

    Convert any accessible video file to DICOM (MPEG4 or multi-frame) within Vertex, including .ASF, .3G2, .3GP, .3GP2, .WMV, .AVI, .M4V, .MOV, .MP4, .VOB (DVD).

  • Images

    Drag-and-drop popular image files within Vertex to create new and / or add to existing studies, including .BMP, .TIF, .TIFF, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, .JFIF, .JP2.

  • Office Documents

    Browse to local and networked files from within Vertex to access numerous office document formats, including .PDF, .DOCX, .DOTX, .DOCM, .DOTM, .DOC, .DOT, .HTM, .HTML, .RTF, .MHT, .MHTML, .XML, .TXT.

  • DICOM and HL7 Objects

    Receive, query, and / or access standard medical image objects within Vertex for processing and sharing with a multitude of destinations.

  • Film Digitizers

    Connect a VIDAR digitizer to the Vertex workstation for scanning of film. Quickly digitize film using pre-configured Scan Profiles and edit with one click.

  • Vertex Local Store

    Query data from Vertex’s local DICOM archive to access the most recent studies retained in the Vertex server.